We all know that having the right health insurance coverage is important, but purchasing a health care plan is often a confusing process for families and their loved ones.

Whether you’re new to the Kennesaw area and need a healthcare plan or a lifetime resident that simply wants to know more about the available options Georgia residents have, here are some things you need to know.


1 – You Don’t Have to Wait to Buy Health Insurance. You may think you have to wait until Open Enrollment to buy a health insurance plan, but you don’t. There are still private health insurance policies known as Catastrophic PPO plans that you can purchase throughout any time of the year.

2 – Yet, there are Always Exceptions to the Rules. Although Open Enrollment may be closed, there are some exceptions that will still allow you to purchase regular health insurance through Obamacare.

3 – Catastrophic PPO plans Could Be the Better Choice. Even if you can qualify for one of the Open Enrollment exceptions, you may find that you can save a lot of money by purchasing a Catastrophic PPO plan Instead.

4 – Small Premiums, but a Whole Lot of Coverage. Think of a Catastrophic PPO plan like your car insurance. Car insurance covers you if you wreck your car, but it doesn’t cover things like an oil change. This policy coverage is for when you wreck yourself – not when you have something like a cold.

5 – There are Even Zero Deductible Plans. Catastrophic PPO plans tend to have a much lower premium than major medical plans. Ask me if this kind of plan is right for you!


6 – Catastrophic PPO Plans Aren’t for Everyone. Unfortunately, Catastrophic PPO plans aren’t for everyone. You cannot previously have had a heart attack or cancer. There are a few other things that could keep you from qualifying for this type of plan.

7 – Pre-existing Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You’re Not Covered. A pre-existing condition won’t necessarily knock you out of the ability to purchase a plan. Instead, you usually have to wait about 12 months before you’ll have coverage on whatever your pre-existing condition is.

8 – Buy Young, Save More. When you purchase a Catastrophic PPO plan your monthly premium will never increase. This means that the younger you are when you purchase your plan, the more money you can save each year as you grow older.

9 – Half the Cost Means Big Savings. Catastrophic PPO plans are usually half the cost of Obamacare plans. Since your premium can never increase and it’s half the cost, your savings can really add up.

10 – You Can Keep Your Plan Until Your 65. Health plans on Obamacare may come and go, but a Catastrophic PPO plan is forever. Well, until you’re 65 that is. When that happens, we can sit down and talk about your Medicare Supplement needs.


If you live in Kennesaw and need a new insurance policy or simply have questions about your health insurance coverage, I would love to help. Call me at 770-527-5598 or just click here and fill out the form. Once I receive your email, I’ll get back to you right away. I’m always happy to help assist you with your insurance needs.