Your Guide to What’s New in Healthcare for 2019


It’s time! Although there was speculation as to whether the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would make it through to 2019, it looks like it’s hanging on for at least one more year.

This means it is time once again for another rundown of “what’s new, what’s the same, and what has changed” in the world of health insurance.

There’s a couple of changes I’m really excited about this time around, so let’s take a look. Read more

Why 2018 is a Good Year to Enroll in a Medicare Supplement Plan  


It happens just like clockwork. You turn 50 and invitations start rolling in for you to join AARP and AMAC because you’ve hit that golden milestone. It seems like it was just yesterday you were turning 20 and wondering what you were going to do with your life.

Time rocks on though and right before you turn 65, your mailbox starts filling up again. This time it is with reminders that you need to select your Medicare plan and the type of medical benefits that you want. Read more

Healthcare Checkup: 3 Things You Should Plan for Now

It may officially still show summer on the calendar, but with the kids back in school and Halloween items showing up on the shelves in local stores, you can tell that fall is just around the corner.

This not only means you’ll soon see pumpkin spice everything – it also means that Open Enrollment for 2019 is approaching fast. This year it begins on November 1, 2018, and ends a short six weeks later on December 15.

While it’s not quite time to pick out your new healthcare plan, there are some other things you should be doing now to get ready. Read more

What to Do When Obamacare Costs Too Much


It seems like every year the cost of health insurance under the Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) goes up.

In fact, some reports are showing that for 2019, residents in Georgia could see their premiums rise another 19.5 percent.

It’s no wonder then that so many people are getting frustrated with the climbing costs of healthcare. It seems that insurance under the “Affordable” Care Act isn’t really affordable at all.

So, what do you do when Obamacare costs too much and you’re already worried that in 2019 you can’t afford coverage? Read more

What You Need to Know About the Obamacare Pre-Existing Clause for 2019 


There has recently been a lot of talk going around that people with pre-existing conditions are about to suddenly lose their insurance or will find themselves paying high insurance premiums that they just can’t afford.

The good news is that for now at least, all these rumors are just false speculation. Read more