The New Bill that may Lower Your Health Care Costs!


In the past few months, you may have seen the news coverage and commercials about this controversial new bill. The bill titled: 1985, Lower Health Care Costs Act aims to make key changes that will impact the healthcare industry.

This bill has been fiercely debated because of how radical some of these changes are.

So to help keep you informed, I’ve reviewed the America Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) summary of 1985 and outlined some of the major changes this bill will have on patients and the health care industry.

If you would like a full copy of the AHIP summary, click here to download the pdf.

To begin, let’s look at the 5 major sections of the bill:

Title I- Surprise Medical Bills:  Basically, this section would like to do away with being billed for out of network providers during an emergency and having your bill be totally outrageous and not the customary cost of that service.  Also in this section, if a patient happens to go to an in-network facility for an emergency but receive services from an out of network doctor the patient will be held harmless.

This bill would also hold patients harmless for surprise air ambulance bills.  No one plans on getting airlifted and it assumes that if you are getting airlifted you probably will not have time to make sure that the air ambulance is in-network.

Title II – Prescription Drug Prices: This section’s goal is to allow generic drugs to get to the market quicker by removing the roadblocks that manufacturers face in getting drugs to consumers.

In addition, this section of the bill would stop manufacturers from gaining a 5-year new chemical entity (NCE) exclusivity when they “tweak” the chemical properties of a previously created drug. This is important because NCE exclusivity prevents manufacturers from being able to provide consumers generic versions of a drug quickly.  Now NCE exclusivity will only be granted to newer, innovative or novel drugs.

Also, this section now allows generic drug manufacturers to sue brand name manufactures for not selling them samples for testing.

Title III – Transparency in Health Care: Title III is HUGE and positively impacts all patients. If you’ve ever had trouble finding out the true cost of a medical procedure, this section aims to provide some assistance.

  • Title III removes something called “The Gag Clauses” which prevents the health plans enrollees, plan sponsors, or referring providers from seeing cost and quality data on providers.
  • Also, it prevents “anti-tiering”, “anti-steering” and “all or nothing” clauses between providers and health plans that require health insurance plans to contract with ALL providers in a particular system/network or NONE at all.
  • Requires health plans to have up to date directories of their in-network providers which shall be available to patients online.
  • It requires healthcare facilities to provide patients with a list of services and a bill within 5 calendar days after discharge and all adjudicated bills to be furnished to the patient within 45 days. If bills are received more than 45 days after receiving care, the patient is not obligated to pay.  This gives patients at least 35 days after postmark to pay the bill.
  • Lastly, it requires health insurance brokers to disclose what compensation we receive by providing service to the consumers.

Title IV – Public Health Initiatives: This section improves the national campaign efforts to increase awareness and knowledge on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines for the prevention and control of diseases.

It also requires states to apply for federal youth suicide early intervention and prevention grants.

In addition, it raises the National tobacco purchasing age from 18 to 21.

Title V – Exchange of Health Care Information:  Lastly, this section’s focus is on improving the Exchange of Health Information making it easier to figure out in-network providers and out of network providers.

Although most of the 1985: Lower Health Care Cost Act will not take effect until 18 months after it passes, it will be important to stay informed.

As you can see, this bill will have some immediate impact on the way the health care industry does business and the rights patients have.

If you have any questions and want to know how these changes may impact your health insurance policy or Medicare, I’d be glad to help. Call the Insurance Nana.

For further info: AHIP has prepared a section-by-section summary of the “Lower Health Care Costs Act” (S. 1895). This bipartisan bill was approved on June 26, 2019 by the Senate HELP Committee by a vote of 20 to 3. It includes proposals addressing: (1) surprise medical billing; (2) prescription drug prices; (3) transparency in health care; (4) public health initiatives; and (5) the exchange of health information.

Health Insurance Helps Your Physical Health, and Your Financial Health!

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According to a recent study, signing up for health insurance may be one of the most important financial decisions you make this year. But for many, this decision is not an easy one.

Many people think that the Premium Cost, high Deductibles, additional Co-Pays, or multiple policies with industry jargon is overwhelming! Some people get frustrated and so they never make a plan at all, and then a medical emergency hits you, and you wish you had gotten the insurance.

With rising prices, it’s easy to see why you may dismiss getting a Health Insurance Plan altogether, but experts now that health insurance isn’t just good for your physical health, it’s good for your financial health, too! A good health insurance can actually protect you from financial ruin and bankruptcy.

As reported by MarketWatch:

People are twice as likely to file for bankruptcy if their health insurance has been interrupted, according to a new study published this week. In fact, all it takes is a coverage gap within two years for the chance of bankruptcy to jump twofold, according to the study published by the American Bankruptcy Institute.

So, before you decide on whether to get Health Insurance coverage, be sure to speak with a knowledgeable agent about all the Health Insurance options available to you. There are a variety of affordable insurance options to choose from that may fit your situation best.

As the Insurance Nana, I have counseled countless individuals and families, as they navigate these really difficult questions about health insurance or life insurance. My mission is to find an affordable option for health care and coverage that best fits your needs.

If you need to make a decision concerning your Health insurance, Call the Insurance Nana at 770-527-5598


Truck Drivers Need Insurance! Save On Health Insurance with Us

As a truck driver, we know that your life is very busy and that you are always on the road. What happens when you need to go to the doctor? Do you have a good health insurance plan that can travel to the states that you do? Do you have an insurance plan that is accepted in other states?

When someone is sick and needs medical attention, their health care insurance should help them cover the cost of those medical bills. Whenever you need to go to the doctor, do you have trouble paying the bills related to getting good medical care? Let the insurance expert, The Insurance Nana, help you find the right insurance plan for you.

We can solve these health insurance-related problems for truck drivers and owner-operators:

  1. Help them find reliable health insurance that fits their lifestyle.
  2. Help them find affordable health care insurance that fits their budget.
  3. Help them find an insurance plan that can travel along with them if needed.
  4. Help them take care of their family’s health insurance needs, too.

 We also have an added health insurance benefit for frequent travelers: Our plans have a special feature called Doctor on Demand. This allows you to have access to a doctor by a mobile device. With this option, you can reach a doctor by cell phone almost 24/7. It allows for a video conference call with a physician.

While on the video conference call, the doctor will discuss your medical symptoms and medical history. After the call, the doctor can call in a prescription (if needed). This allows truck drivers to call from the road, and at their next stop, they can get their prescription filled. Our “Doctor on Demand” is there when you need it so that you don’t lose any time on the road! This option for doctor’s appointments is perfect for any truck driver on the road, and it was designed for busy travelers like you.

Don’t risk your health by going without health insurance coverage. Studies show that full-time truck drivers and owner-operators have health issues by the time they are 50. The bureau of labor and statistics stated that the long hours of driving, job stress, and the lack of activity for hours at a time, takes a toll on the driver’s health. It is important to get a good insurance plan, so that you can keep a good watch on your health! In fact, when you get a health insurance plan, we want you to use it for well-checks and health monitoring so that you can be the best for you and your family.

The Bureau of labor and statistics stated this:  The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Census of Occupational Injuries (CFOI) and Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses (SOII). Truck drivers, along with driver/sales workers, had a workplace injury rate of 24.3 in 2012, more than 7 times higher than the overall workplace average.*see link below.

With statistics like this, it’s important for truck drivers and owner-operators to pay attention to their health! Go to the doctor at the first sign of illness, and don’t wait until it is serious.

If you need health care coverage now, call us today. We know how to find you affordable health care coverage that will benefit you.

Call the expert in health insurance: The Insurance Nana. 770-527-5598. Or click here to view my website:


US Job Census Bureau Stats:


A Medicare Supplement Policy Could Save You Thousands!

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Once you hit the age of 65 you can become eligible for Medicare. While Medicare does provide a good deal of medical coverage, it doesn’t cover it all. This is why some people choose to purchase a separate policy that helps to fill in the gaps of Medicare coverage. This type of policy is known as Medicare Supplement insurance.

What Exactly Does Medicare Supplement Insurance Do?

Medicare Supplement insurance, which is also known as a Medigap policy, is a type of extra health insurance that you can buy from a private company.

The purpose of a Medicare Supplement Policy is to help pay for some of the health care costs that are not covered under the benefits you receive from original Medicare. This includes things, such as:

  • Co-payments
  • Deductibles
  • Co-insurance

In addition, some Medicare Supplement policies may also provide coverage for medical care if you travel outside the United States.


How Does Medicare Supplement Insurance Work?

Since Medicare Supplement insurance is designed to fill in the holes in coverage that Medicare doesn’t cover, Medicare will first pay its share of the approved amount that is covered for your health care costs. Once that amount has been determined and paid, your Medicare Supplement policy will step in and pay its share.

How Do You Pay for Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Medicare Supplement insurance is billed to you in a way that is similar to other types of insurance that you may buy. You pay a monthly premium for your Medicare Supplement policy just as you would a regular healthcare insurance policy.

How do you qualify for Medicare Supplement Insurance?

To qualify, you must first already have Medicare Part A, which is the part of original Medicare that pays for hospital services, and you must have Medicare Part B, which provides coverage for the cost of doctor services. Once you have Part A and Part B, and if it is your Open Enrollment period, which is 3 months prior and 3 months after your 65 birthday, or your guarantee issues period, which is 63 days after you lose coverage from work, then you can purchase a Med Supplement with no underwriting or medical questions asked.

The 5 Things You Need to Know About Medicare Supplement Insurance:

Medicare Supplement policies only cover one person. If you want both you and your spouse to have this type of coverage, you will each have to buy your own separate policy.

As long as you pay your premium each month, the insurance company cannot cancel your policy. This means that any standardized Medical Supplement policy is guaranteed as renewable even if you suddenly find that you have developed health problems.

Although Medicare Supplement policies were once able to cover the cost of prescription drugs, this is no longer the case. Policies there were sold as of January 1, 2006, can no longer include a prescription drug coverage If you do want to have prescription drug coverage, you can do so by joining a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (known as Part D). Even if you are not currently taking any prescriptions, if is still important to purchase a Part D – ask me why!

A Medicare Supplement policy does not cover everything. Most policies do not cover vision or dental care, hearing aids, eyeglasses, private-duty nursing, or long-term care.

Premium costs may vary depending on the plan and location. In some cases, even if it is for the same standardized benefits. In fact, most Part D plans are very reasonably prices, some as low as under $30 a month. Since this is not something you have to purchase, let me know if you would like something like this and we can discuss your options.

Is a Medicare Supplement Policy Right for You?

Now that you have a better understanding about Medicare Supplement insurance plans, you are probably wondering if one of these plans is right for you. I would love to sit down with you and help you figure this out. There’s a good chance I am already helping one of your neighbors in Acworth, Kennesaw, or Marietta.

Let’s set up a time to talk. It’s easy to do. Just click here and fill out the form. I’ll receive an email and get back to you right away. Or, call me at 770-527-5598. I look forward to assisting you.

A Testimonial:

“I had been hearing such controversy regarding Obamacare, the whole subject was confusing. Luckily, the Insurance Nana explained all our options and now we’re saving on the cost of health insurance!” –Dr. Edward M.

>>>Still not convinced if Medicare Supplement Insurance is right for you? Watch this video to hear Keith Ivey’s personal experience with Medicare Supplement Insurance:

Group Health Insurance Is About to Undergo Major Changes


Many of us may not have access to group health insurance. Small businesses don’t always offer it, for a variety of reasons.

Do you want to set up a group health insurance plan, but have been avoiding it because of the cost? You may have found that it is very expensive. In a regular group plan, the owner of the company must pay 50% or more of the premium for ALL of their employees. For many small companies, this was a very expensive cost that they may not have been able to handle.

Another scenario for health insurance, is that each year the premium goes up and up, and each year you are paying more and more to keep it.

Things may be about to change with health care plans…

This new option allows companies to just set up an HRA account through their payroll

and budget a certain amount of dollars to each employee, so that they can go out and buy their own health insurance. This will also be pre-tax dollars.

You can even designate different dollar amounts to certain employees, based on years of employment, or job title.


  • The Senior manager may receive $500 a month.
  • Management may receive $400 a month.
  • Entry level employees may receive $250 a month.

This would save the company money AND allow each employee to have control over what benefits they want to pay for. It’s a Win-Win!

If you are ready to get started with a new health insurance plan, your next step is to call me. I will gladly meet with everyone to figure out which Health Insurance plan will meet each individual employee’s needs.  All the employer has to do is talk to their payroll department and set up the HRA account.  It is really that easy.

I can come to your location, meet with anyone that is interested in getting health insurance plan, and they can pick the kind of health insurance plan that they want.

Interested in Obamacare? Let’s see if you can qualify for a subsidy. If your income qualifies, you may still receive that subsidy because you don’t have access to a group health plan. In other words: you may can get both!

Call me if you want to find our more about health care insurance plans, HRA accounts or Obamacare. Call the Insurance Nana at 770-527-5598