3 Ways to Find AFFORDABLE Health Insurance (Outside Obamacare Open Enrollment)


It may come as little surprise that “affordable health insurance” and “cheap health insurance” are among consumers’ highly searched healthcare terms. Since the Affordable Care Act’s passage and long before it, the ability to qualify for and afford health insurance has been an important social and political topic.

For many of us, buying health insurance comes down to finding reliable coverage that offers the least expensive premium and lowest deductible. Obamacare subsidies can help reduce our monthly premiums and overall out-of-pocket healthcare costs, but what happens when one does not have access to affordable employer-based coverage and the annual open enrollment period for private health plans (on and away from the Obamacare exchanges) has come and gone? Read more

What is the Short Gap Exemption? The Exemption for not having Obamacare


I have gone over several different exemptions for not having ObamaCare on other blogs.  This one is called short gap exemption.

Here is what you need to know about this exemption:

Anyone with a gap in health coverage of no more than 2 consecutive months can claim this exemption. Read more

What is Cobra?


What Is COBRA?

COBRA insurance may be an option for health care coverage if you have been laid off.  If your former employer has 20 or more employees, the company is required to offer you the option to pay for an extension of your health insurance coverage for at least 18 months. You then have 60 days from that date to enroll in COBRA. Read more

What is Tele-Medicine?What is Tele-Medicine?


Telemedicine is Healthcare in an instant: While at Home or at Work, and right at your Fingertips!

With the revolutionary telemedicine tool, you will have access to top-quality, truly convenient health care. You won’t want to wait for it, and it costs less than a typical doctor visit.

Telemedicine, also known as telehealth, connects you to licensed physicians by phone, within minutes. These consultations cost a fraction of an office visit and are available to you right now. Read more

What are the New Changes with United Healthcare?

United Healthcare will not offer any health plans on Georgia’s insurance exchange in 2017.

United Healthcare is the only company so far that has informed Georgia’s insurance department that it won’t be participating in the exchange next year. This company is one of nine offering plans in Georgia’s exchange this year. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all states have exchanges — most of which are federally run — that help consumers find and buy health coverage. May 11 is the federal deadline for insurers to inform the government of their exchange plans for 2017. Read more