Seven years ago, the Affordable HealthCare Act (AKA Obamacare) was signed into law and we now see that Obamacare is failing.  Over the past seven years, the federal government has mandated thousands of more pages for our current health care regulations, to try and “help” Obamacare take root.

Do you remember Nancy Pelosi announcing: “We have to pass this bill so that you can find out what is in it”?  That was 100 percent TRUE.  We did not know seven years ago, just how much they wanted the Americans to move towards socialized medicine. This law has FAILED to keep its promises and we, as Americans, have had to deal with double-digit premium increases, high deductibles and fewer and fewer choices.

Small business owners were penalized the most, especially if they had a workforce of over fifty employees. They were forced to shift their employees to part-time, just to make ends meet.

If this bill is not applied prior to the 2017-2018 open enrollment, then will see even more rate increases and even fewer choices. There will be zip codes throughout the United States that will have ZERO options when it comes to Obamacare. But… If you have had enough, and you want to find out if you have other health insurance options besides Obamacare, please feel free to reach out to me:

Amy Kelley, 770-527-5598, Email me at: Am*@In***********.com