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A Medicare Supplement Policy Could Save You Thousands!

Once you hit the age of 65 you can become eligible for Medicare. While Medicare does provide a good deal of medical coverage, it doesn’t cover it all. This is why some people choose to purchase a separate policy that helps to fill in the gaps of Medicare coverage. This type of policy is known […]


Group Health Insurance Is About to Undergo Major Changes

Many of us may not have access to group health insurance. Small businesses don’t always offer it, for a variety of reasons. Do you want to set up a group health insurance plan, but have been avoiding it because of the cost? You may have found that it is very expensive. In a regular group […]

Changes in Life can lead to a Healthier Lifestyle

Amy Kelley, The Insurance Nana, shares her story below for how she got started in insurance and why she considers her job to be so rewarding. “I love my job as an insurance agent. I love helping people find the insurance coverage they need for their family, and for less. Helping people navigate the complicated […]


Here Are Your Options for Keeping your Health Insurance after Job Loss or Divorce

What happens when life doesn’t go your way, and a problem arises, cutting off access to your health insurance? Situations like divorce or job loss can impact loss of health care coverage. It happens more often that than you think. But you have options! Here’s what you can do to keep health care coverage…. If […]

What Happens If You Cannot Afford Your Employer’s Health Insurance Plan?

So, you got a job with health insurance options. Great! But, what happens if you later find out that you can’t afford the payments? Here’s what to do if you can’t afford the company health insurance… If you feel like your employer health insurance is too expensive, it could be because premiums and deductibles for […]