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Will There Ever Be a Vaccine for COVID-19?

President Trump said on (May 15) that the administration will pay to produce vaccines. They are still testing possible vaccines and working diligently around the clock.  At this time, we do not know if the vaccines will be made as government-funded options or through private drug company facilities. This makes it very important to have […]

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Has COVID-19 Affected Your Health Insurance?

What if I lost my Health Insurance due to job status change?  First, just know that you have options. If you lost your job and were on a group plan: You now have 60 days to find new coverage. If you would like to get a Marketplace Plan (aka Obamacare) then you have a special […]


Seniors Can Save Thousands with New Medicare Plan Options!

 Have you heard about Medicare Supplement plans? These new plans could save you thousands of dollars in medical expenses! If you are already using Medicare, you know that Medicare is great to have, but you also know that it doesn’t cover everything. Often times, Medicare users are left with hefty bills to pay after a […]


How Do You Prepare for the Coronavirus? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Stay Healthy!

 There is a lot of panic in the US about the new Coronavirus. Much of the panic is being pushed because there is a lot of uncertainty around this new virus. We do not truly know how many people have been infected in the US, since the first batch of tests for the virus were […]


Are You Prepared for Retirement and Social Security?

Here are a few things you should know about Social Security, before you decide to retire. Plan early and you can be prepared for your future with less worry. What is the future of Social Security? Statistics tell us that by 2035, the U.S. population over the age of 65 will number 78 million (compared […]