Seniors Can Save Thousands with New Medicare Plan Options!


 Have you heard about Medicare Supplement plans? These new plans could save you thousands of dollars in medical expenses! If you are already using Medicare, you know that Medicare is great to have, but you also know that it doesn’t cover everything. Often times, Medicare users are left with hefty bills to pay after a surgery or a hospital stay. This is why Medicare supplemental plans are so great to have!

The new Medicare supplement plans offer a lot of benefits for seniors on Medicare. Here are a few of the benefits you would receive with a Medicare Supplement plan:

1) With Medicare Supplement plans, you will not have to pay any co-payments when you go to the doctor.

2) There are no high deductibles!

3) There are no out-of-pocket fees from co-insurance policies, either. With Medicare Supplement plans, you would just go to the doctor or the hospital and know that your maximum out of pocket for Plan G is only $198.00 for 2020.*

If you are already a senior, and just lost your health benefits at work, you only have 60 days to enroll in Medicare. You now have a special open enrollment situation to use. Getting a Medicare Supplement plan is good for your future health! It can also save you tons of money in health care costs in the long run.

Picking the best Medicare supplement plan is the easy part. Reach out to me today, and I will gladly go over the difference between Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage. I will answer all of your questions, like these: What is Part A & Part B? When can I enroll in Medicare? I will walk you through each of your questions with a check sheet and give you the dates of when it will start, and how everything work. The Insurance NanaAmy Kelley will make Medicare easy to understand!

Call me for help with these new Medicare plans. Don’t wait! Contact me today so we have plenty of time to look at all your options. 770-527-5598

*These rates are only valid for 2020.

Are You Prepared for Retirement and Social Security?


Here are a few things you should know about Social Security, before you decide to retire. Plan early and you can be prepared for your future with less worry.

What is the future of Social Security? Statistics tell us that by 2035, the U.S. population over the age of 65 will number 78 million (compared with 56 million today).

When will Social Security run out? It is projected, that by 2035, Social Security reserves are estimated to be totally depleted. Social Security payments would need to be cut by 23%, if Congress fails to solve this issue.

At the current rate of social security and the retired population, this presents big issues for Americans.

Did you know that: 62% of today’s retired workers lean on Social Security to provide at least half of their monthly income? So, what can you do? Save and strategize now! You may have other bills, but saving for retirement needs to become a priority. Remember, 62% of Americans are in trouble at the current rate of spending and saving for retirement. That may be because they put other needs and wants ahead of saving for retirement. Giving time for compounding interest and growth will be crucial for your outcome.

The important thing to know about retirement is this: Don’t wait to save! You can’t make up for compounding growth in retirement income if you don’t save now. It’s okay to start small and let it build.

Planning for Medicare is also a factor of retirement. If you would like to talk to a health insurance specialist, or to get personalized advice on Medicare or medical insurance planning, call The Insurance Nana.

Even if retirement is 40 years away, don’t miss out on potentially precious years of gaining compound growth.


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Born in 1955? Then This is the Year for Medicare


If you are over age 64, I bet your mailbox is filling up with a ton of junk mail in reference to Medicare. If you started reading that junk mail, then you could be more confused than ever before.

How would you like a step by step guideline on what you should do (and when to start) so that by the time you turn 65 you are enrolled in the right plan for you? Just give me a call and I will gladly email you a list. In the meantime, here are some ideas to get started understanding Medicare.

First, you need to enroll in Part A and Part B up to 90 days prior to your birthday (Example: if your birthday is in July, then you can enroll in Part A & Part B April 1, 2020). You will need both Part A & Part B to be eligible to enroll in either Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advance. Once you receive your Medicare card in the mail (it will be red/white/blue), then you can enroll in either Medicare Advance or Medicare Supplement. (Call me and I will go over the difference between Medicare Advance and Medicare Supp. and give you the pros and cons to both).

Do yourself a favor: Even if you don’t talk to me, please talk to a Health Insurance professional who can advise you on what your options truly are! This is the one time in your life that you do need a professional to help you choose wisely, because you only have one shot at this.

EXAMPLE: If you are dealing with Cancer, had a heart attack, or any major medical issue, then this will be the ONLY time in your life that you will qualify for Medicare Supp. plan.

Call my office for easy-to-understand, straight answers to your questions about Medicare. Ask the Insurance Nana. Call me now or click on the form here to fill out some basic information, and I will call you. Let’s sit down and discuss all your options with Medicare and get you the coverage you need.medicare-supplement-insurance

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