What are the New Changes with United Healthcare?

United Healthcare will not offer any health plans on Georgia’s insurance exchange in 2017.

United Healthcare is the only company so far that has informed Georgia’s insurance department that it won’t be participating in the exchange next year. This company is one of nine offering plans in Georgia’s exchange this year. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all states have exchanges — most of which are federally run — that help consumers find and buy health coverage. May 11 is the federal deadline for insurers to inform the government of their exchange plans for 2017. Read more

Even if you are a US Citizen, you can lose your Health Insurance for not providing the documents!


Did you know that if the marketplace asks you for proof of Citizenship, even if you do not receive any type of government subsidy, that if you choose to NOT send in proof, then the marketplace will CANCEL YOUR HEALTH PLAN? Read more

Can I Get an Exemption from Purchasing Obamacare?


Would you like to get an exemption from having to purchase Obamacare? There are several exceptions from having to pay the tax penalty, and this one is called the affordable exemption. If your income qualifies, and you didn’t get health insurance for all or some of 2015 or 2016, check below to see if this applies to you…. Read more

Humana Insurance Rates are Rising!


Did you know that Humana has requested a 65.2% increase in Georgia?

In addition to Humana requesting this very large increase, Humana will also limit the network to Atlanta, Columbus, Macon and Savannah areas. In addition Harken Health, a United Healthcare subsidiary, is seeking the next highest increase, at an average of 44 percent. The areas of South Georgia – the Albany & Valdosta regions – will have the most expensive premiums in Georgia, according to the rate filings. Read more