Maybe COVID impacted our inter-personal skills since we stayed at home so much. Maybe some of us just forgot to be professional since we were at home in our sweatpants all day. Maybe people just forgot how to act in an interview.

I want to share some tips on how to conduct a professional interview for those that may have forgot. Read below for some good tips on interviewing etiquette.

  1. Be on time. If you cannot be ready and be on time for an interview, then my belief is you will not be online for clients, either.
  2. Do not be driving in your car. Let’s be honest with ourselves: you can’t do a job interview in your car. You need to be home, set up in a meeting place, or at least NOT be driving when you have a virtual meeting. It is dangerous and disrespectful. The person interviewing you will not take you seriously if you cannot commit to a meeting in which you are focused on the subject.
  3. Be ready for the interview at the appointed time. When people today set up an interview time slot, they reserve an appointment on the calendar. Don’t schedule it and be late or be surprised when the time rolls around. If you cannot take an interview seriously, how will you take your clients seriously?
  4. Use phone etiquette. As a professional salesperson, I believe that sales etiquette begins on the phone. With COVID restrictions, all sales are on the phone now, so it is extremely important for you to use proper grammar.  When people call you, don’t answer with, “HEY – What-dya-want.” Being courteous and professional will carry you far in your career!

Being a Health & Life Insurance Agent is very rewarding, but it is hard work. I realize sales is not for everyone, especially something that can be as complicated as Health Insurance.  If you stick with it, though, it is so worth it! You get the opportunity to help families protect their future with health and life insurance.

If you are looking for a career, I hope you take it seriously and use proper interviewing etiquette to help you in your job interview.