Is the Healthcare Marketplace Cheaper than Working with an Agent? 

You might think that by going straight through the Marketplace that your insurance would be cheaper, but this is actually not the case. You pay the exact same amount either way because the insurance commissioner sets the price.
The biggest difference is that when you go through the Marketplace, you are on your own. You have to try to make sense of all the deductibles, co-pays and benefits you have or don’t have along with deciding on the amount of coverage you want.
When you sign up for insurance through me, however, you will always have someone to answer your questions and help you decide which is the best policy for you and your family.

I also have 10 times the number of plans that are available on the Marketplace, and since they are offered through private insurance companies, they are often about half the price of the ones you can purchase through the Marketplace.
Up until now, the downside to purchasing these types of plans was that they aren’t considered “Obamacare compliant,” meaning that you could face a tax penalty for purchasing a health insurance plan outside of Obamacare.
This law ends on December 31, 2018, however, so don’t you owe it to yourself to find out what else is available – especially if it means that you can save a great deal of money?
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FAQs: What You Need to Know

As the Insurance Nana, I have the knowledge to help you find the best health care coverage for your family. I specialize in affordable health and life insurance for the Southeast, expanding your options beyond Obamacare.
I serve those who want to purchase the best affordable insurance possible but don’t know where to begin. This includes those that are self-employed, and those with small businesses with 1-20 employees.
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