Big changes are coming for insulin-dependent diabetics! People with Medicare Part D or Medicare Advantage Plans who need insulin will see a big savings, starting very soon! Insulin will be just $35 a month, starting in January of 2021.

Price Cut on Insulin for Medicare Participants

This price cut on insulin has made big news, because insulin has been so expensive in the past for people with diabetes. Insulin is required for most diabetics of type 1 or type 2, yet the insulin pens typically cost $150-300 per pen. This is a high price to pay on a fixed income.

President Trump was quoted to say, “I’m proud to announce that we have reached an agreement to dramatically slash the out-of-pocket costs of insulin, which is so necessary for thousands of seniors enrolled in Medicare.”

Trump went on to say, “participating plans will cap costs at just $35 a month per type of insulin and some plans may offer it free.”

Medicine for Diabetics

With so many diabetics on a fixed income, this will be a huge savings to people that depend on insulin. The current numbers in the USA reflect that around 7 million people are using insulin. This will be a direct benefit to those people! People who use insulin daily could save over a thousand dollars or more, per year.

Diabetics Need Health Care Coverage and Medical Insurance

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