In my opinion, Obamacare cannot be reformed, it must be replaced. Senator Rand Paul gets this!  There is a plan that is endorsed by the House Freedom Caucus which would end the ACA Medicaid expansion. Employers would no longer be required to provide Health Insurance. The reform would eliminate most of the regulations on what health plans MUST cover and offer a tax credit of up to $5000 to fund HSA’s. In addition, insurers would be able to sell policies across state lines.

Then Sen. Rand Paul said: “What if 30 percent of the public had Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s)? If you used your own money, you would call the doctors and ask the price…if you create a real marketplace, this would drive prices down.”  This plan sounds GREAT!

For all these years NO ONE cared what the doctors and hospitals were charging because they billed the insurance companies.That’s  madness…If we have a program that causes consumers to use their own money, we could shop around and this WILL drive the cost down.

Example:  Here in Cobb Co. Georgia, WellStar is the main hospital.  If you are self-pay you get a big discount.  Mammograms can cost just $130.00, CT Heart Screen can be as low as $99.00, and Lipid Panel blood work, just $25.00.

Thank you, Sen. Paul, finally, someone in politics understands how the healthcare system in US really works.

Now that you know this, there are some GREAT non-Obamacare programs that are truly affordable.  Reach out to me for a quote.  Amy Kelley 770-527-5598   Am*@In***********.com