Have you been hearing the message in the news: “Obamacare enrollments are even higher for 2017 (than they were in 2016)”?

Have you heard that more and more people are enrolling in the ACA (Affordable Care Act)? Why?  This is because the health insurance marketplace has been automatically enrolling you! 

Yes, that is correct! If you have ever gone onto the marketplace and put in your information, you know this is true because you have been getting letters, phone calls, and emails stating “We have picked a plan for you”.

On Dec 15, if you have ignored these solicitation calls and emails, then the market place WILL automatically enroll you in a plan for 2017. This way, their numbers will look GREAT. (Because as we all know Obamacare is WORKING… right?)

If you have checked on health care insurance quotes and found that the rates in your area may have doubled, you know for a fact that this system is NOT working. But once again, government policies comes into play, and they would like for you to believe it is working.

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