Health Insurance

You Have a Choice with Your Health Insurance

Did you know there are options other than the ACA? This is the biggest piece of information I want you to know: you have a choice with your health insurance!

Life Insurance

There Are Life Insurance Plans for All Situations

Life insurance is commonly thought of as coverage to help your family if you pass away. While these plans are available, there are life insurance policies relevant for every stage of life. Like with health insurance, there is no one plan that will work for everyone.

Customize a Package Tailored For You

Flexibility and reliability are the hallmarks of our product portfolio. Checkout our highlights & benefits.

  • Any Doctor, Any Hospital!
  • 24 hour coverage, on or off the job
  • Portable coverage
  • Quality coverage available for periods of critical illness
  • Wellness & Health Screening Benefits Available
  • 3 Plans to Choose From Tailored for Your Needs
  • Preventative Dental Care Coverage
  • Basic Dental Care Coverage
  • Major Dental Care Services Available
  • Orthodontic Care Services Available
  • Up to 84% Savings on Vision Services
  • Over 71,000 Providers to Choose From
  • Comprehensive Eye Exam Coverage
  • Corrective Lenses Coverage
  • Corrective Contact Lenses Coverage
  • Annual Allowance Towards Frames
  • Life insurance with Living Benefits
  • Receive funds due to cancer or other illness
  • Withdraw money when you need it
  • Or give to beneficiary upon death
  • Benefit your child or grandchild with a tax-free benefit
  • Money can be used for their college or retirement
  • Start early enough and your child could be a millionnaire
  • $100,000/year tax-free for the rest of their life


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What You Need To Know About Health Insurance


Save Money

Don’t Pay More Than You Have To

The plans offered by the ACA often include benefits you won’t use, and there are more affordable plans outside of the Marketplace. One of the questions I’ll ask when we begin working together is how you use your health insurance.

If you rarely go to the doctor, then I’ll recommend a plan different from what I would recommend to someone with a chronic illness. This is why it’s important to talk with an experienced insurance professional. I have access to a variety of plans with different benefits to help you get the coverage you need.

How do you pick the best plan for my situation??

Because of the complexities of health insurance, I always want to get to know my clients. Depending on your health, job, and a number of other factors, I’ll analyze the plans I have. Then I’ll narrow down the over 60 plans available to bring you the best options, and we’ll sit down and talk through the pros and cons of each.

I just lost my job. Which is the better choice: ACA or COBRA?

While I can’t speak to your specific situation, I have never found a case in which COBRA was less expensive than an ACA plan. For some families, the ACA will be much more affordable than COBRA, and lower income families may also qualify for a subsidy.

If you’re in good health, though, more often than not the alternative plans like those I offer make the most financial sense.

What You Need To Know About Life Insurance

Living Benefits

Life insurance is for more than death benefits. It’s for everyone, regardless of age. There are an array of life insurance options available to you and your family, and I can help you find the best plan to meet your needs.

I’m in my late-20s and unmarried with no children. Should I purchase life insurance?

The short answer is, yes! Aside from offering the death benefits with typical life insurance plans, you may want to choose a plan with living benefits. We don’t know what the future holds, so it’s important to be prepared. With living benefits, you can minimize the anxiety that comes with large, unexpected medical bills

We’re expecting our first child.
Is a “million dollar baby” plan still a reliable savings option?

It is! Because there are so many unknowns in a child’s life, it’s important to prepare a way to cover unexpected expenses. You deposit a given amount each month, and you maintain control. (Until you decide to sign it over to your child.) This is a valuable way to make a difference for your child’s future financially, and it doesn’t require a significant monthly deposit. (Though results will vary depending on the amount deposited and the dividend rates.)

Why would I choose a living benefits rider with my life insurance policy?

While it’s not necessary to purchase a living benefits rider with your life insurance policy, the benefits often far outweigh the cost. Even if you are in perfect health, accidents can happen. There is really no downside to purchasing one, and a living benefits rider can help ease anxiety if something should happen. If you don’t need to use it, the funds will remain in your life insurance policy.

It’s important to note, though, that you cannot receive benefits if you already have a chronic illness.