Did you receive a letter from Humana, or your current Insurance company, stating that your policy will be canceling in Dec 2016?

If you did, don’t panic!  Make an appointment with your health insurance agent, or if you are in Georgia. make an appointment with me, Amy Kelley, between Nov 1 – Dec 15.  Your agent will need to help you pick a plan for Jan 1, 2017.
Ask your agent if there are other options besides “Obamacare”.  This year, you will find very few options on the health care exchange, so you might need to go off of the exchange, or change to an alternative plan. Your agent can help you decide which plan will be best suited for you and your family’s protection.

NOTE: Please look at both the Democrat and the Republican plan for Health Insurance in the future, and help elect the candidate that will give you Health Insurance once again that will be AFFORDABLE.

Contact me if you have any questions:
Amy Kelley, 770-527-5598