My name is Amy Kelley and I am a local Insurance agent here in Georgia. I specialize in Health Insurance and I am an expert on the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

As you already know, ACA is imploding on itself for 2017. Rates have skyrocketed, and this is due to the insurance companies having to cover and pay claims for too many who are extremely sick. The well people have a choice not to pay these exorbitant prices and self-pay for medical services or choice plans that are more cost effective.

Here is my suggestion on how to fix the health insurance crises:

First: Go back to competition. Competition is GOOD for insurance rates. Allow insurance companies to come up with plans that consumers can actually afford.

Second: Go back to Health Insurance companies being able to figure out the risk by having underwriting guidelines. This way, the monthly premiums would go down as the Health Insurance companies tried to attract the most healthy and least risky clients.

Third: For those of us with pre-existing conditions, here is how we get our coverage…We apply to a Health Insurance company for coverage. If we get turned down, then we could apply to a government or state-run subsidized program. That turn-down letter will enable us to apply for government coverage. This coverage is then sponsored by our tax dollar to hold down the cost. So, we as tax payers ONLY SUBSIDIZE the people who cannot get covered due to pre-existing conditions.
Does this solution seem familiar? It’s because it’s the exact plan from 18 months prior to the full roll out of Obamacare. For anyone who got turned down, we had a government sponsored Health program. This system worked and it could work again. The highest cost plan was around $550 a month. This plan worked!

By using this option, companies like Aetna, Cigna, BCBS and Humana could come out with programs like high deductible plans (HSA), or plans that did not have 64 wellness visits. To keep costs down even more, Heath Insurance companies could have plans with only 3 sick visits per year, or plans that don’t cover maternity benefits. The plans we have today have so many requirements that they can no longer be cost effective and the government cannot subsidize every American. The math does not work.

In addition, if we allow insurance companies to cross states lines, this too will bring down monthly premiums.

Let’s get this idea to someone who can actually make this happen. If you know Trump, I would love for him to read this. Maybe our government could implement something that was EASY and did not cost us BILLIONS.

For more information, contact Amy Kelley by calling 770-527-5598, or email her at: in**@am********.com