Health Insurance Helps Your Physical Health, and Your Financial Health!

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According to a recent study, signing up for health insurance may be one of the most important financial decisions you make this year. But for many, this decision is not an easy one.

Many people think that the Premium Cost, high Deductibles, additional Co-Pays, or multiple policies with industry jargon is overwhelming! Some people get frustrated and so they never make a plan at all, and then a medical emergency hits you, and you wish you had gotten the insurance.

With rising prices, it’s easy to see why you may dismiss getting a Health Insurance Plan altogether, but experts now that health insurance isn’t just good for your physical health, it’s good for your financial health, too! A good health insurance can actually protect you from financial ruin and bankruptcy.

As reported by MarketWatch:

People are twice as likely to file for bankruptcy if their health insurance has been interrupted, according to a new study published this week. In fact, all it takes is a coverage gap within two years for the chance of bankruptcy to jump twofold, according to the study published by the American Bankruptcy Institute.

So, before you decide on whether to get Health Insurance coverage, be sure to speak with a knowledgeable agent about all the Health Insurance options available to you. There are a variety of affordable insurance options to choose from that may fit your situation best.

As the Insurance Nana, I have counseled countless individuals and families, as they navigate these really difficult questions about health insurance or life insurance. My mission is to find an affordable option for health care and coverage that best fits your needs.

If you need to make a decision concerning your Health insurance, Call the Insurance Nana at 770-527-5598


Truck Drivers Need Insurance! Save On Health Insurance with Us

As a truck driver, we know that your life is very busy and that you are always on the road. What happens when you need to go to the doctor? Do you have a good health insurance plan that can travel to the states that you do? Do you have an insurance plan that is accepted in other states?

When someone is sick and needs medical attention, their health care insurance should help them cover the cost of those medical bills. Whenever you need to go to the doctor, do you have trouble paying the bills related to getting good medical care? Let the insurance expert, The Insurance Nana, help you find the right insurance plan for you.

We can solve these health insurance-related problems for truck drivers and owner-operators:

  1. Help them find reliable health insurance that fits their lifestyle.
  2. Help them find affordable health care insurance that fits their budget.
  3. Help them find an insurance plan that can travel along with them if needed.
  4. Help them take care of their family’s health insurance needs, too.

 We also have an added health insurance benefit for frequent travelers: Our plans have a special feature called Doctor on Demand. This allows you to have access to a doctor by a mobile device. With this option, you can reach a doctor by cell phone almost 24/7. It allows for a video conference call with a physician.

While on the video conference call, the doctor will discuss your medical symptoms and medical history. After the call, the doctor can call in a prescription (if needed). This allows truck drivers to call from the road, and at their next stop, they can get their prescription filled. Our “Doctor on Demand” is there when you need it so that you don’t lose any time on the road! This option for doctor’s appointments is perfect for any truck driver on the road, and it was designed for busy travelers like you.

Don’t risk your health by going without health insurance coverage. Studies show that full-time truck drivers and owner-operators have health issues by the time they are 50. The bureau of labor and statistics stated that the long hours of driving, job stress, and the lack of activity for hours at a time, takes a toll on the driver’s health. It is important to get a good insurance plan, so that you can keep a good watch on your health! In fact, when you get a health insurance plan, we want you to use it for well-checks and health monitoring so that you can be the best for you and your family.

The Bureau of labor and statistics stated this:  The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Census of Occupational Injuries (CFOI) and Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses (SOII). Truck drivers, along with driver/sales workers, had a workplace injury rate of 24.3 in 2012, more than 7 times higher than the overall workplace average.*see link below.

With statistics like this, it’s important for truck drivers and owner-operators to pay attention to their health! Go to the doctor at the first sign of illness, and don’t wait until it is serious.

If you need health care coverage now, call us today. We know how to find you affordable health care coverage that will benefit you.

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US Job Census Bureau Stats:


Group Health Insurance Is About to Undergo Major Changes


Many of us may not have access to group health insurance. Small businesses don’t always offer it, for a variety of reasons.

Do you want to set up a group health insurance plan, but have been avoiding it because of the cost? You may have found that it is very expensive. In a regular group plan, the owner of the company must pay 50% or more of the premium for ALL of their employees. For many small companies, this was a very expensive cost that they may not have been able to handle.

Another scenario for health insurance, is that each year the premium goes up and up, and each year you are paying more and more to keep it.

Things may be about to change with health care plans…

This new option allows companies to just set up an HRA account through their payroll

and budget a certain amount of dollars to each employee, so that they can go out and buy their own health insurance. This will also be pre-tax dollars.

You can even designate different dollar amounts to certain employees, based on years of employment, or job title.


  • The Senior manager may receive $500 a month.
  • Management may receive $400 a month.
  • Entry level employees may receive $250 a month.

This would save the company money AND allow each employee to have control over what benefits they want to pay for. It’s a Win-Win!

If you are ready to get started with a new health insurance plan, your next step is to call me. I will gladly meet with everyone to figure out which Health Insurance plan will meet each individual employee’s needs.  All the employer has to do is talk to their payroll department and set up the HRA account.  It is really that easy.

I can come to your location, meet with anyone that is interested in getting health insurance plan, and they can pick the kind of health insurance plan that they want.

Interested in Obamacare? Let’s see if you can qualify for a subsidy. If your income qualifies, you may still receive that subsidy because you don’t have access to a group health plan. In other words: you may can get both!

Call me if you want to find our more about health care insurance plans, HRA accounts or Obamacare. Call the Insurance Nana at 770-527-5598


Changes in Life can lead to a Healthier Lifestyle

Amy Kelley, The Insurance Nana, shares her story below for how she got started in insurance and why she considers her job to be so rewarding.

“I love my job as an insurance agent. I love helping people find the insurance coverage they need for their family, and for less. Helping people navigate the complicated world of health insurance is a passion of mine. I had to learn first-hand, how to understand the complicated world of insurance, at the young age of 21.

Having grown up in Miami, young people thought it was a good idea to use baby oil instead of sunscreen. This was a bad idea, and it led to skin cancer. It was a difficult time in my life that made me worry about my future. I also had to learn how to get my medical bills covered with my limited policy. After experiencing a cancer diagnosis, I did my best to avoid getting skin cancer, again. I changed my lifestyle and adopted better habits.

My life took another sharp turn (years later) when I found out that I got custody of my grandson. At the age of 47, I took a young child into my home, full time. Raising my grandson would be a full-time job. It was now essential that I maintain my health, stay active, and get a good insurance policy, for the sake of my family. Many life-changing experiences brought me to this point in life, which forced me to make a big change in my lifestyle. I am now happy and healthy, and I want to share that with others.

My hobbies and passions in life also led me to pursue ballroom dancing (see the picture and video, below). I recently entered my first competition in ballroom dancing and won 1st place in the best of the best, and 9 dance challenges!  My competitive nature led me to pursue that hobby and compete.

In summary, I love the challenge of competition just as much as finding the right solutions to a family’s insurance problems. For me, whether it be ballroom dancing or insurance, I always look to find the right solution to fill a need. This passion pushes me to keep looking for ways to save money on health insurance, and to be the best insurance agent. Having navigated the ever-changing world of health insurance for myself, my grandson, and for hundreds of clients, makes me qualified to help you and your family with health insurance or life insurance!”

If you find yourself getting frustrated with limited health insurance options, or if you need assistance in understanding the complicated world of health insurance, it’s as easy as picking up the phone and calling Amy Kelley, The Insurance Nana!

Here’s the video:




Here Are Your Options for Keeping your Health Insurance after Job Loss or Divorce


What happens when life doesn’t go your way, and a problem arises, cutting off access to your health insurance? Situations like divorce or job loss can impact loss of health care coverage. It happens more often that than you think. But you have options! Here’s what you can do to keep health care coverage….

If you lose health care insurance, but it is not the open enrollment time period, you still have options to get insurance. You can get coverage under a qualifying event. Under a qualifying event, you have 60 days to make a change for health care coverage.

Here are things that make a qualifying event that would allow you to take advantage of a health insurance plan, without it being open enrollment:

  1. If you get Marriage, Divorced or Separated
  2. If you have recently had a Job loss
  3. If you have had a baby, adopted, or added foster children.
  4. A move into a new residence, or change of zip code.
  5. A birthday that causes you to “age out” of your parents policy (over 26 years old)

If you want to try to get coverage outside of open enrollment, you need to meet the requirements listed above.

Listed below are here are a few things that will NOT be considered as a Qualifying Event…

  1. If you lose coverage because you stopped paying for your policy, this does not count as a qualifying event.
  2. If you get divorced or separated, and your policy remains unchanged, or if legal documents state that it doesn’t affect your health insurance.
  3. If you move on a temporary basis, just to get medical treatment, or to try to qualify.
  4. If you sign up for COBRA to keep your employers insurance, but it ended for non-payment.

If you need health care coverage, call Amy Kelley, the Insurance Nana to help you. Understanding health insurance plans can be tricky, but the Insurance Nana can help you! Amy Kelley can help find you an affordable health insurance policy, or help you find a temporary policy. There are so many options in health insurance, and the Insurance Nana can help you find them. Call her today!  770-527-5598.