As a truck driver, we know that your life is very busy and that you are always on the road. What happens when you need to go to the doctor? Do you have a good health insurance plan that can travel to the states that you do? Do you have an insurance plan that is accepted in other states?

When someone is sick and needs medical attention, their health care insurance should help them cover the cost of those medical bills. Whenever you need to go to the doctor, do you have trouble paying the bills related to getting good medical care? Let the insurance expert, The Insurance Nana®, help you find the right insurance plan for you.

We can solve these health insurance-related problems for truck drivers and owner-operators:

  1. Help them find reliable health insurance that fits their lifestyle.
  2. Help them find affordable health care insurance that fits their budget.
  3. Help them find an insurance plan that can travel along with them if needed.
  4. Help them take care of their family’s health insurance needs, too.

 We also have an added health insurance benefit for frequent travelers: Our plans have a special feature called Doctor on Demand. This allows you to have access to a doctor by a mobile device. With this option, you can reach a doctor by cell phone almost 24/7. It allows for a video conference call with a physician.

While on the video conference call, the doctor will discuss your medical symptoms and medical history. After the call, the doctor can call in a prescription (if needed). This allows truck drivers to call from the road, and at their next stop, they can get their prescription filled. Our “Doctor on Demand” is there when you need it so that you don’t lose any time on the road! This option for doctor’s appointments is perfect for any truck driver on the road, and it was designed for busy travelers like you.

Don’t risk your health by going without health insurance coverage. Studies show that full-time truck drivers and owner-operators have health issues by the time they are 50. The bureau of labor and statistics stated that the long hours of driving, job stress, and the lack of activity for hours at a time, takes a toll on the driver’s health. It is important to get a good insurance plan, so that you can keep a good watch on your health! In fact, when you get a health insurance plan, we want you to use it for well-checks and health monitoring so that you can be the best for you and your family.

The Bureau of labor and statistics stated this:  The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Census of Occupational Injuries (CFOI) and Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses (SOII). Truck drivers, along with driver/sales workers, had a workplace injury rate of 24.3 in 2012, more than 7 times higher than the overall workplace average.*see link below.

With statistics like this, it’s important for truck drivers and owner-operators to pay attention to their health! Go to the doctor at the first sign of illness, and don’t wait until it is serious.

If you need health care coverage now, call us today. We know how to find you affordable health care coverage that will benefit you.

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