Are you, or is someone you know, having their 64th birthday soon? I bet their mailbox is full of junk mail! The reason why, is because this is the year that decision have to be made about your healthcare and Medicare plan.

Would you like to talk to a Medicare Specialist so that junk mail will stop pilling up every day? Talking to a Medicare expert right now is in your best interest, because it will save you money in the future on medical costs. There are plan choices you can make now that will help you with basic medical costs, surgery, medical specialists, hospital stays, pharmaceuticals and other related medical expenses. As a seasoned health insurance professional, I can help you make the right choices for your medical care and insurance needs.

The year that you, or someone you love turns 64, it is very important to discuss these choices with someone who understands. You want to choose your type of benefits package or Medicare type now, before the time window runs out. Don’t take advice from a stranger at an “800 number”  when you have a Medicare expert right here! Amy Kelley, is the Insurance Nana, and her job is to help you make the right choices for your health care needs and for your future.

Take the guesswork out of Medicare plans. Making the right call now will make your life easier and your health care benefits more affordable. Talk to a local Medicare specialist. Call Amy Kelley: 770-527-5598. Get the information you NEED to make the right decision about Medicare and benefits, today.