As a small business owner, you are often on the receiving end of bad news.

Supply costs increase and you have to pay it.

A service is eliminated and you scramble to replace it.

Insurance companies wake up with a new idea – and you just have to swallow it.

You started your business to have more control, but now it seems you have less.

Is this life?

This is exactly what thousands of area residents with independent health insurance have been asking themselves. Ever since the contract between Wellstar Healthcare Network and Anthem expired earlier this year these residents are wondering what to do next. In this article, we will talk about the options you have if the Wellstar/Anthem break up has affected you or someone you know!

Wellstar & Anthem End Contract

With Anthem—formerly  Blue Cross Blue Shield,—as their health insurance company, the independently insured were excited to access a dozen top-tier hospitals, three comprehensive health parks, 10 urgent care clinics and numerous physicians who were all part of the Wellstar Health Care Network. 

But Wellstar (which provides the health care) and Anthem (which provides the insurance) just can’t make their marriage work. In late January they let their contract end and small business owners are caught in the middle.

It Doesn’t Look Good

The choices now seem clear:

These customers can either avoid health care providers in the Wellstar Network, which is a challenge given that Wellstar largely dominates the area; OR

They can opt to pay extraordinary out-of-pocket costs. And we all know that extra money is something small business owners have lots of. (NOT!)

For the little man, the choices are once again few and bleak. Or so they think.

But it Can Be Better Than Ever

For anyone who finds themselves in this predicament, there are far more than two solutions and almost all of them will turn out better for those looking for insurance. The independently insured CAN cancel their plans and opt into a health care plan that is more affordable than what the Healthcare Marketplace (Obamacare) would offer.

It is true that every person’s situation is different. However, stopping, thinking and taking a look at ALL of the options won’t cost a dime – in fact it can save thousands.

What Should I Do Next?

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