What is Checked When I Apply for Health Insurance?

You may think that you need to have your blood work drawn or visit a doctor when applying for health insurance, but this is not the case. There is also no credit check.

Instead, once I take your application, your policy is reviewed by an insurance underwriter. Depending on the requirements for your insurance, the insurance underwriter may pull a copy of your medical and prescription record from the Medical Insurance Bureau (MIB) to verify your medical and prescription history.
These records provide information about any medical treatments you may have had, as well as a list of prescriptions that you have had filled. If the doctor prescribed a medication that you did not get filled, it will not be on you record.
Based on the information from these reports, the underwriter can then determine whether you can qualify for the type of plan that you want or if we need to see what other plans are available for you.
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FAQs: What You Need to Know

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