President Trump said on (May 15) that the administration will pay to produce vaccines. They are still testing possible vaccines and working diligently around the clock.  At this time, we do not know if the vaccines will be made as government-funded options or through private drug company facilities.

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Here’s Why You Need to Be Covered by Health Insurance: Experts think that supply and demand of the new vaccine (when it is finally discovered) will be a big problem! Government-funded sites have been criticized in the past as costly to maintain, but the United States would have more control over price if the vaccines were produced at those facilities. No government representative can comment as this time as to when or where the COVID-19 vaccines would be available.

As part of the administration’s *Operation Warp Speed, the FDA is speeding up clinical trials of vaccines and working on this a quickly as possible. The government is ramping up production and pending approvals of trial vaccines in hopes that some would be approved.

The vaccine production facilities have been criticized over the years. Before a pandemic was reality, the cost of maintaining them has been viewed as excessive, so it was difficult to get the government to pay its share, a former HHS official said, and it was difficult to attract private companies to use the facilities. The United States already is now competing with other countries for access to a COVID-19 vaccine even before it has even been created. If the U.S. managed to produce a vaccine here, we could avoid that problem of there not being enough. The U.S. administration likely fears there will not be nearly enough supply for everyone in the world.

The other consideration is the price of the vaccine. Government manufacturing of vaccines would make it much easier to set affordable prices. Drug companies have indicated that they’ll wait until the pandemic passes before they cash in on pandemic drugs and vaccines, however, we will see if this is true.

Some people may not be able to afford a vaccine at all, and they will expect the U.S. to pay the cost, or their insurance. President Trump officials did not seem to be concerned about prices of the vaccine, but as a health insurance agent, I want you to know that I am concerned! I want you all to be protected and have insurance coverage. Call me today for a quote on a health insurance policy for you or your family. Get insurance coverage and protect yourself and your family.


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